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January 2016

New York Partner Diane Krebs to Present Live Webinar on Employee Theft and Misappropriation

Diane Krebs, a New York partner in Gordon & Rees's Employment Practice Group, will present Employee Theft and Misappropriation: How to Stem the Tide, a live webinar, through Lorman Education Services on February 3 at 1 p.m. (EDT)
The cost of employee theft and its drain upon all organizations - not only in dollars but also in time, effort, employee morale and client confidence - cannot be understated. Theft manifests itself in a variety of ways. It is not limited solely to inventory and cash, but can encompass misappropriation of supplies, false expense reports, information and even theft of time. It is critical for all employers, regardless of size, to have a cohesive, predetermined approach to minimizing employee misappropriation, as well as a comprehensive plan to respond to theft when it occurs. This webinar will help employers develop a system for minimizing, detecting and responding to employee misappropriation, considering the legal and practical implications of developing such a system. While different employers will need to take various factors into consideration to tailor a program that best fits their organizations, this webinar will help identify issues employers should consider to develop the right program for themselves. Specific topics that will be addressed in the webinar include:
  • Identifying different types of theft and misappropriation
  • Discussing various theft control mechanisms and policies
  • Learning how to conduct internal investigations
  • Knowing when to involve the police
Clients and business associates of Gordon & Rees will receive a 50 percent discount on the seminar registration fee.
For additional information on the seminar, or to register, please click here. This link will automatically apply the 50% discount.