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June 2010

Gordon & Rees Named to "THE SELECT LIST" of Life, Health & Disability Firms in California

Gordon & Rees is proud to be selected as one of only four firms in California named to "The Select List of Law Firms for the Defense in Life, Health & Disability Insurance."  The list is compiled by Res Loquitor Corporation and is based on anonymous client evaluations.  As is explained on the publisher's web site, "THE SELECT LIST of law firms provides the data that litigation managers want about law firms that have been recommended and evaluated by other life and health insurance companies."

Top One-Third of Law Firms

To qualify for "THE SELECT LIST," candidate firms are evaluated by at least five life and health insurance company clients in the 16 categories listed below. The results must place the firm among the top one-third of all law firms.

Knowledge of Substantive Law Knowledge of Procedural Law
Knowledge of Industry Written Work Product
Appropriate Use of Associates Cost/Value
Efficiency  Initiative
Negotiating Skill Creativity/Strategy
Professionalism  Responsiveness
Effective Use of Technology Client Relations
Keeps Client Informed About Each Case Keeps Client Informed About Developing Law

Selection of Outside Counsel

"THE SELECT LIST" was created by Anne V. Wardlow, who served in various in-house positions at insurance companies for more than 20 years prior to founding Res Loquitor Corporation, including Senior Vice-President, General Counsel, Secretary and Board Member.  Ms. Wardlow has also been a member of the Association of Life Insurance Counsel since 1986.  "Ms. Wardlow knows first-hand the difficulties encountered by life and health insurance companies as they seek to hire the best possible counsel to defend their companies, and she has developed THE SELECT LIST as a new tool that will enable inside counsel to quickly identify and confidently select highly qualified law firms in any part of the country."  For more information about "THE SELECT LIST" and Res Loquitor Corporation, please click here.  For the Gordon & Rees information page, please click here.