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Agrichemicals & Agribusiness

The firm's Agrichemicals & Agribusiness Group includes a wide spectrum of expertise across the United States and offers a full-service option for its clients in these industries. Led by Thomas J. Tobin, the Agrichemicals & Agribusiness Group is comprised of a group of top-notch litigators in crop and business loss and chemical exposure matters, a team of attorneys with decades of experience in regulatory, compliance, and transactional matters, and affiliated group members with environmental litigation and compliance experience. This practice group offers services in all aspects of their clients' business, transactional, compliance, and litigation needs.

GRSM’s Agrichemicals & Agribusiness Group represents companies involved in the chemical industry in transactions, regulatory compliance, environmental claims, and litigation and has done so for the past 20 years. Through this representation, the practice group has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the regulations regarding chemical products, including pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other related products, and also the science, application, and industry practice regarding most classes of these chemicals (e.g., FIFRA, CERCLA, RCRA, and state statutory regimes).

Our group’s attorneys are familiar with both federal and state issues involving site assessment, clean-up/regulatory compliance, administrative and judicial enforcement, and Superfund cost recovery and contribution claims. Additionally, we have substantial government regulatory compliance, contract review and regulatory counseling capabilities, and frequently represent clients in regulatory proceedings that require extensive negotiations to develop the most cost-effective permitting and soil and groundwater investigative and remedial strategies. Our team works with the EPA, DOJ, Department of the Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as numerous State regulatory agencies and local air pollution control districts regarding permit enforcement and citizen challenge proceedings, cleanup and abatement orders, cost recovery actions, natural resource damage claims, voluntary cleanups, and the securing of no further action assurances.

Well-Proven Litigation Record

The practice group's attorneys have defended hundreds of litigation and pre-litigation matters involving claims of crop loss, business litigation, and product liability over the last decade. Its attorneys also serve as National Coordinating Counsel for various areas of litigation.

Our expertise has served clients well in conducting early evaluation in either the pre-litigation or early litigation phases of matters. In every matter, it is our goal to achieve as early an exit or resolution for the client as possible, in order to avoid unnecessary litigation costs. However, if necessary, the team is well-equipped to proceed through trial. In addition, the practice group has wide-ranging transactions and regulatory capabilities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Attorneys in this practice group have represented major agricultural and chemical companies in stock or asset acquisition and divestiture of various assets/liabilities, including, without limitation, to product lines, plant and facilities, intellectual property, and regulatory registrations.

Significant Regulatory Compliance Experience

As former in-house corporate and external counsel, our attorneys have handled federal and state regulatory compliance issues for all aspects of our clients’ business.

National Transactional Experience

Members of the practice group have handled commercial and corporate transactions, including supply and distribution agreements, testing and data development agreements, strategic alliance agreements, and many others for clients across the industry.

Industry-Leading Clients

Our clients include the leading manufacturers of pesticides (including herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides, and fungicides), distributors of these products, and property and premises owners. The firm currently represents multiple distinct companies in the industry.

Network of National Experts and Consultants

GRSM has a well established network of experts and consultants available for necessary services to assist in the evaluation and defense of environmental exposures and liabilities, and to provide risk management, regulatory compliance, voluntary and government-mandated cleanups, and preparation for privileged internal and government investigations and other actions.


For more information about how GRSM can help with your agricultural chemicals and pesticides matters, please contact Group Chairs Julie Haddon or Gery Zacher.


AgChem Group Fast Facts

  • 12 Attorneys
  • Wide spectrum of expertise across the U.S. in regulatory, compliance, and transactional matters for the chemical industry
  • Includes a partner named "Mass Tort Litigator of the Year" by Best Lawyers
  • Includes former corporate counsel for major U.S. agricultural chemical firm