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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized business at an unprecedented pace, presenting immense opportunities and complex legal challenges. GRSM and our clients are at the forefront in seizing the opportunities and overcoming the challenges. Our AI team is both national and multi-disciplinary in scope, covering a broad waterfront of issues, and is uniquely equipped to help our clients harness AI’s transformative power while navigating the rapidly evolving legal landscape and avoiding perils along the way.

GRSM’s lawyers are well-versed in the multiple, varying potential applications of artificial intelligence and the wide range of legal issues presented by it, have been involved with providing litigation and counseling services in this field, and have frequently written and spoken on cutting-edge topics germane to AI technology and its implications.

In addition to providing substantive legal services in matters involving AI, the GRSM AI Practice Group also utilizes its extensive knowledge in the field to vet and incorporate the latest technologies into the firm’s operations to ensure a state-of-the-art legal practice that can optimize and benefit from technological advances by improving efficiencies, maximizing speed, and reducing costs. 

On a substantive basis, the group’s members collaborate with related practice groups, including Advertising & E-Commerce, Emerging Technologies, Intellectual Property, Cyber, Privacy & Data Security, Employment Law, and Technology Litigation, to provide a broad spectrum of services:

Counseling: We provide strategic advice to clients involved in AI technology development and AI content creation. We address data collection, content creation, and compliance strategies. We advise on copyright, unauthorized data access, and privacy issues. We assist clients in understanding the implications of misleading or deceptive AI-generated information, i.e., hallucinations. We track and advise on recent legislation spanning data protection, algorithmic transparency, and consumer rights.

Litigation: Our highly experienced litigators represent clients nationwide in AI-related lawsuits. We regularly defend cases concerning computer trespass, copyright infringement, advertising, and consumer data issues. We handle cases concerning alleged bias in AI algorithms, misuse of AI-generated content, and data protection. Our team also assists clients in responding to Federal Trade Commission and other regulatory inquiries, investigations, or enforcement actions.

Transactions: We support clients who license AI solutions to their clients or engage in other transactions involving AI technologies. We negotiate, structure, and finalize AI-related transactions to safeguard intellectual property, define the scope of authorized use, and limit liability. We help our clients to protect their intellectual property and data from infringement and misuse by others. Our goal with every AI-related transaction is to ensure that clients can fully monetize and reap the benefits of AI while minimizing potential risks.

Our AI practice group serves clients across diverse industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, insurance, advertising, entertainment, and e-commerce. Our team’s representative matters include:

  • Assisting leading advertising agencies and content creators to launch and license AI tools to their e-commerce clients in connection with content creation;
  • Defending litigation against a national business accused of using AI to make biased or discriminatory decisions affecting consumers, employees, and job applicants;
  • Assisting financial publishers to implement and advertise the use of AI in connection with stock recommendations;
  • Assisting AI image creator businesses to advertise and license their AI tool for sale to consumers;
  • Advising entertainment industry clients on copyright and copyright infringement issues with respect to AI-created works;
  • Obtaining a patent and copyright registrations relating to machine learning algorithms and data collection and training;
  • Handling large technology transactions concerning generative AI and large language models to procure AI technology, participate in AI collaborations, and maintain data protection; and
  • Defending litigation involving AI tech startups, securities claims, and alleged trade secret misappropriation.

Because the AI technology and legal landscape is rapidly evolving, we closely monitor developments in AI technology and AI-related legislation, regulatory action, and litigation. Our team members have advanced computer science and linguistics degrees, have taught judges about the use and legal implications of AI, and regularly write and speak on AI topics before industry trade associations. We take pride in providing our clients with current insights and strategies to help them succeed in this dynamic field. 


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