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Reid E. Dammann


Emerging Technologies: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning)

Cryptocurrency, blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies are spreading at a massive rate. Through different technologies, the convergence of a distributed, decentralized, immutable ledger with an analytic system is seen by many as the future of financial products. Alone or in combination, each technology is rapidly evolving and bringing with it a host of novel legal issues that require identification and problem solving at its finest. These technologies will play a significant role in the future and will reshape all industries, causing those involved to adapt to a new way of business. 

Whether creating new coins or tokens in connection with the launch of new distributive networks, clients operating in this area have specialized legal needs. The Emerging Technologies Practice Group at GRSM provides sophisticated, business advice on the legal and commercial issues that arise in the emerging technologies space. We bring value based not only on our technical understanding of the building blocks of distributed digital ledger technology and systems, but also the business issues that arise.  Those issues include the surrounding negotiations, agreements and transactions, as well as monitoring the evolving regulatory developments and enforcement actions concerning digital assets, that are inextricably linked to the technology.

In addition, the Group routinely handles litigated matters involving all manner of claims arising from cutting edge technologies including but not limited to AI, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and related applications.


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