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Catastrophic Brain Injury Defense

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The GRSM Catastrophic Brain Injury Defense group is uniquely positioned to serve a wide range of clients, from professional scholastic and amateur organizations, to governing bodies and equipment manufacturers. Sport concussion and chronic traumatic encephalopathy claims (“CTE”) present significant exposure to organized sports programs.  These injuries can result in suicide and wrongful death claims, which generate substantial media attention and lead to increased litigation from former athletes who believe they suffer adverse consequences from athletic participation. Our attorneys have experience representing every level of sport, from youth through scholastic and professional, and are prepared to face the unprecedented onslaught of litigation from athletes and their estates, for claims related to head trauma.  Exposure is not limited to football or to professional sports.  The cumulative effect of sub-concussive blows in collision and contact sport at every level is believed to present a long term risk of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. GRSM has the expertise to serve professional scholastic and amateur organizations, governing bodies and equipment manufacturers. 

The Catastrophic Brain Injury Defense group is made up of attorneys based nationwide with extensive experience and a track record of success defending sports concussion and CTE matters, including class actions. Our attorneys regularly work with clients to develop best practices, risk management strategies, and crisis management protocols.


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