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Diversity Contacts

Franz Hardy & Laura De Santos
National Diversity Committee;


Our Commitment to Diversity

Although proud of our consistent advancement in diversity rankings, GRSM recognizes that surveys have little to do with building an inclusive environment. Instead, much like a home, inclusion is built brick by brick until all the pieces come together to form something revered and wonderful.

As GRSM continues to grow, we collectively thrive by cultivating an environment that values our differences. We take great pride in each and every individual's contribution to the firm. Our focus on inclusion creates an innovative workplace that fosters discussion and collaboration. Those perspectives and insights, in turn, benefit our clients as we advise and guide them on their legal needs.

As gatekeepers to the justice system, we know that attorneys are vital to ensuring the process and its members reflect the diverse values of our society. At GRSM, we take this charge seriously. We understand the need for real progress and lasting results. While these challenges are often difficult, we are committed to effectuating change and we pledge that our firm will continue to reflect the multicultural world in which we live and work.

Firm Leadership

More than three decades ago, GRSM launched a strategic plan that called for growth across the country. We knew our growth could be a catalyst to build on our culture of inclusion. At the time, there were few models to follow, so we charted our own course. We grew by being vigilant about inclusiveness in hiring, mentoring, retaining, and promoting.

Our strategy has produced wonderful results in the areas of diversity and inclusion, particularly in firm leadership. Nearly half of our offices are led by female and/or minority partners.

At GRSM, inclusion is something that starts at the top and we are proud that our firm leadership reflects our culture.

Leadership Equality and Diversity ("LEAD") Program

Beginning in January 2021, the firm began implementation of its Leadership Equality and Diversity (“LEAD”) Program as part of the firm’s ongoing commitment to recruit, retain, and promote female and diverse attorneys to the highest positions of management and ownership at the firm. This initiative, which will work in tandem with the ongoing programs undertaken by the firm’s Diversity Committee, Women’s Initiative, and Affinity Groups, has been specifically tailored to achieve GRSM’s core objectives in the areas of diversity and inclusion. In addition to its focus on attorneys, the LEAD Program will also encompass GRSM’s administrative and professional staff to ensure that material levels of diversity are achieved in these segments of the firm as well.  More information can be found here.

Measuring Up

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