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May 2010

Gordon & Rees Co-Sponsors DRI "Diversity for Success Seminar"

An Important Event: Gordon & Rees is proud to co-sponsor DRI's fifth annual Diversity for Success Seminar be held at the Swiss?tel Chicago on June 10-11, 2010.  The innovative event provides diverse attorneys, in-house counsel and law firm management with important updates about current diversity trends and the strategies and tools necessary to keep diversity a priority. It is an excellent opportunity for lawyers and their respective firms to interview with businesses that have made a commitment to diversify their list of approved outside counsel.

DRI's Leadership in Diversity: DRI's Diversity Committee recently completed its first full year as a substantive law committee with overwhelming success, with a 22-member steering committee and over 500 members. "Promoting diversity in the legal profession requires a broad-based effort that leverages the perspective of all participants - law firms, clients, vendors, and schools.  DRI's Diversity Committee plays a critical role in providing leadership and a forum to implement and measure our success.  Gordon & Rees is proud to co-sponsor the Diversity for Success Seminar that helps keep the momentum strong." Dominic Campodonico, member of the 2010 DRI Diversity Committee's Seminar Steering Committee.

Seminar Registration:  Please click here to view the program agenda and register to attend.

J. Dominic Campodonico