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July 2011

IP Team Covers Space Science by Obtaining Patent Directed to Moving Electricity Around Earth by Satellite for Dr. Criswell

The IP Team of John Haller and David Heckadon successfully represented Dr. David R. Criswell in securing his patent titled POWER GENERATING AND DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM AND METHOD, U.S. Patent No. 7,900,875.  Basically this technology moves electricity from one place on earth to any other place on earth instantly.  Any energy source in a given location is converted to microwaves that are transmitted by phased array radar to a satellite which receives the microwaves and which allocates the power over a number of preselected destinations, then re-transmits the allocated microwave power to the destinations directly or indirectly through another satellite.  As Dr. Criswell comments, "It is much more efficient to move weightless microwave photons than it is to move coal, oil or natural gas."
The IP Team has also secured a patent for Dr. Criswell's invention in Russia with patent applications pending in China, Japan, and the European Community.
The risks and costs of moving energy from one location to another are legend; considering oil spills, pipe lines, long transmission lines, terrorist bombings, pirates, storage facilities, ships, train cars and LNG tankers.  In addition, the time it takes to move this energy can be months with the high value energy source materials laying fallow while in transit.  These costs are eliminated by converting the energy source material to electricity at the source site, then transmitting it to the destination site instantly by microwave power transmission. 
Dr. Criswell is the director of The Institute for Space Systems Operations at the University of Houston in Clear Lake, Texas.  Dr Criswell has written extensively on space science and is the world's recognized expert on Lunar Solar Power.  

Please click here to read Patent No. US 7,900,875. 

David R. Heckadon