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April 2015

Law360 Ranks Gordon & Rees among Top 100 Law Firms for Female Attorneys

Gordon & Rees has been ranked among the 100 top national law firms for female attorneys by Law360.

The inaugural rankings are based on the representation of women attorneys, both at the partner and non-partner level, working at the various firms surveyed. To determine the rankings, Law360 surveyed more than 300 major U.S. law firms regarding the number female attorneys working at the respective organizations as of December 31, 2014. The analysis revealed that 33 percent of all attorneys and 22 percent of all partners at the law firms surveyed are women. However, Gordon & Rees outperformed the national averages in both diversity metrics with 41 percent of all attorneys and 23 percent of all partners at Gordon & Rees being women.

“We have made great strides over the last decade, but there is still work to be done and we will continue our vigorous efforts to increase the number of women, and those of diverse backgrounds, in all levels of firm leadership,” noted Debra Ellwood Meppen, who chairs Gordon & Rees's National Women’s Initiative, serves as the Firm’s National Labor and Employment Practice Group Leader, and sits on the Firm’s Executive Committee.

As the firm has continued to grow aggressively, Gordon & Rees has nevertheless been able to focus on cultivating a supportive environment that values diversity and inclusion, with flexible and individualized career paths that empower attorneys from disparate backgrounds to maximize their contributions to the firm and take better control of their own individual professional trajectories while still taking on leadership positions at the firm. The firm’s focus on inclusion creates a flexible, dynamic, and innovative workplace that fosters discussion and collaboration, enabling a much more diverse and inclusive group of attorneys to take key positions within Gordon & Rees, to drive the firm in new directions and to fill nontraditional market niches. The unique perspectives and specialized insights of the firm’s diverse group of attorneys inure directly to the benefit of its clients as the firm is strategically positioned to advise and guide a vast array of businesses and individuals regarding their specific legal needs within the rapidly evolving global marketplace.

One of the fastest-growing firms in the country, Gordon & Rees is a national litigation and business transactional firm with more than 650 lawyers and 35 offices in 22 states. Gordon & Rees is currently the 71st largest law firm in the United States, and ranks No. 26 on the American Lawyer’s Diversity Scorecard. Gordon & Rees has been recognized on the "BTI Client Service A-Team" survey in each of the past three years and has been honored as a 2014 "Go-To Law Firm" for Fortune 500 companies. Gordon & Rees was selected for Corporate Counsel magazine's 2014 "Who Represents America's Biggest Companies" list. The key to Gordon & Rees’s extraordinary success in the marketplace has been its diversity and inclusion, empowering all its attorneys, regardless of gender or personal background, to make the absolute maximum contribution, both individually and collectively, to the success of the Firm and the Firm’s clients.