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May 2020

Marie Trimble Holvick Featured in San Francisco Chronicle Article

The San Francisco Chronicle featured a Gordon & Rees San Francisco partner in a recent article about the future of dining in San Francisco. Partner Marie Trimble Holvick was interviewed for the article entitled, "The future of San Francisco dining may rely on food trucks.”

The article examines the shifts within the dining industry amid the rapidly evolving regulations and safety concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many restauranteurs are pushing for local legislation to ease restrictions on food truck permitting. Holvick shares, “This could help the city, too. Right now restaurants want to bring people back to work. I also think we need to prepare ourselves to a new way of life. The idea that we are going to be packed into the cute 20-seat restaurant isn’t going to be something that happens for a while.”

Holvick is a partner in the Employment and Retail & Hospitality practice groups in the San Francisco office of Gordon & Rees. She is an experienced trial attorney with expertise in handling employment matters involving allegations of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination. She also regularly handles lawsuits involving class action “wage and hour” violations and PAGA claims. She is serves on the Board of Directors for the Golden Gate Restaurant Association.

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Marie Trimble Holvick