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February 2020

Partner Catherine Slavin to Preside over Aviation & Aerospace SLG Program at DRI 2020 Product Liability Conference

Philadelphia Partner Catherine Slavin will preside over the Aviation and Aerospace SLG programming during the Defense Research Institute's (DRI) Annual Product Liability Conference February 5-7 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

With 3,200 members, the Products Liability Committee is one of the largest and most active committees within DRI. The committee is comprised of 18 specialized litigation groups (SLGs) focused on either a specific type of product, group of products or particular issues within products liability law.  Slavin serves as the Aviation & Aerospace SLG Chair.  The Conference will offer opportunities for networking, presentations on the development and use of virtual reality, and diverse sessions from the SLGs. 

The Aviation & Aerospace programming will take place on Friday, February 7 and will include three sessions: “They Say They’re with Some Government and They’re Here to Help: An Insider Panel on Working with Governments in Aviation,” “You Can’t Find It if You Don’t Look for It: Medical Issues in Aviation Accident Investigation,” and “New, Different, Revised or Not: The Current State of GARA New Part Repose.”  In-house and outside counsel will deliver the presentations covering matters of significance in aviation and aerospace litigation.

Slavin handles products liability, complex commercial and general litigation.  She focuses her practice on aviation litigation defense, representing aircraft and aircraft component manufacturers, aircraft operators, FBOs, and aviation insurers.  Slavin has handled a wide variety of general aviation and airline cases, in state and federal courts nationwide, at both the trial court and appellate levels. She has argued appeals in aviation cases before the Second, Third, Fifth, and Tenth Circuits, the Delaware Supreme Court, and the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

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Catherine Slavin