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November 2021

Fidelity Law Association Honors Gordon & Rees with Inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Award

The Fidelity Law Association ("FLA") recognized Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani as the recipient of the first FLA Diversity and Inclusion Award. The FLA Diversity and Inclusion Award will be an annual honor recognizing a person or organization that has demonstrated a sustained commitment to the advancement of diversity and inclusion in the fidelity industry.

Chicago partner Scott Schmookler accepted the award on behalf of the team on November 10.  “While I accepted the award on behalf of the firm, this accolade is due entirely to the hard work and efforts of our team, their passion and talent,” said Schmookler. Team members included Chicago Partners Courtney Nichol, Sarah Clark, Katherine Musbach and Lee Ann GalowichSenior Counsels Iga Todd and Meagan VanderWeeleassociates Angela Lewosz, Ariene Janz, and Emily Miller.

The FLA is a professional organization dedicated to facilitating prompt and fair fidelity bond claims handling throughout the industry by developing and educating insurance industry personnel handling fidelity bond claims. Although membership in the FLA is limited to persons employed in fidelity claims handling or underwriting of licensed insurance and reinsurance companies, employees of the American Insurance Association, the Insurance Services Office, Inc., and the Surety and Fidelity Association of America, no association can succeed in a vacuum; therefore, the FLA welcomes the experience, expertise, and guidance of members of the legal, accounting, and professional fidelity claim adjustment communities, through presentations and attendance at the FLA  Annual Conference.

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Lee Ann Galowich
Ariane M. Janz
Emily A. Miller
Katherine Musbach
Courtney A. Nichol
Scott L. Schmookler
Angela Sullivan
Iga W. Todd
Meagan P. VanderWeele