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January 2023

Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani Celebrates Black History

Black History Month is an opportunity for us to acknowledge and reflect upon the countless contributions of African Americans to the advancement of our nation and beyond.  More importantly, it reminds us of two things we know to be true – that Black history is our history and that it impacts us beyond just the month of February.  Understanding Black history both informs and fuels our firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.  We remain dedicated to embracing our multicultural world and cultivating an environment where everyone thrives.

At Gordon & Rees, we recognize that “diversity, equity, and inclusion” is more than just a catchphrase that serves as a public display of solidarity.  It is the lasting impact of the implementation of those values within our sphere of influence that demonstrates our organization’s commitment to progress.  Initiatives like our Leadership Equality and Diversity (“LEAD”) Program advance the firm’s goal of recruiting, retaining, and promoting diverse attorneys to the highest positions of management and firm ownership.  We view our consistent recognition for achievement in diversity among firms of our size as a positive step on the pathway to a more inclusive environment, acknowledging that our success is linked to the accomplishments of those African Americans who laid the groundwork for us and continue to serve as vital sources of inspiration.

As attorneys, we are the vanguard for ensuring that our justice system holds fast against systemic and systematic injustices against all members of our society. We accept this challenge with honor and resolve to manifest lasting change in the multicultural world in which we live and work, with a simple strategy of creating opportunity for all, with responsibility from all.

Jonathan B. Blakley
Hiawatha Northington II