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September 2023

Mercedes Colwin Named Among 2024 Lawdragon 500 Leading Corporate Employment Lawyers

Mercedes Colwin, the distinguished founding partner of Gordon & Rees' New York City office, has been named to the 2024 Lawdragon 500 Leading Corporate Employment Lawyers Guide. This recognition celebrates her illustrious legal career and exceptional contributions to the legal field.

With an impressive track record of handling diverse and complex cases, Ms. Colwin has made her mark in the legal world. Her practice encompasses a wide spectrum of litigation, including employment law, commercial litigation, class actions, products liability, professional liability, wage and hour class actions, defamation, First Amendment claims, civil rights violations, and criminal law. Her unwavering commitment to delivering successful results, having won over ninety percent of her trials, proceedings, and arbitrations across the nation, have earned her a reputation as a tenacious advocate for clients.

Ms. Colwin's impact extends beyond the courtroom. Forbes Business American Airlines recognized her as one of the six most influential women in America, a list that includes luminaries such as former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Additionally, Notre Dame Law School presented Ms. Colwin with the prestigious Graciela Olivarez Award, celebrating her outstanding achievement as a leading Hispanic lawyer characterized by the highest ethical and moral standards. This award, previously bestowed upon Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, underscores her commitment to ethics and excellence in the legal profession.

The Lawdragon 500 Leading Corporate Employment Lawyers Guide pays tribute to over 200 attorneys specializing in employment litigation, trade secret defense, discrimination cases, ERISA matters, wage and hour disputes, and various other claims, recognizing their pivotal role in maintaining equilibrium between Corporate America and its workforce.

To read the full list, please click here.

Mercedes Colwin