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May 2024

GRSM Advertising & E-Commerce Group Releases 2024 Edition of E-Commerce Legal Guide

GRSM is pleased to announce the release of the 2024 Edition of its E-Commerce Legal Guide. Spearheaded by Damon Wright, Chair of the Advertising & E-Commerce Group, the guide is an invaluable resource for e-commerce retailers, advertisers, and business owners to protect, strengthen, and grow their businesses in a rapidly changing legal environment. 

With over twenty contributors, the 2024 edition of the E-Commerce Legal Guide shares practical “best practices” that all direct-to-consumer businesses should know and implement. As Damon Wright describes it, “Our guide is a playbook on how to strengthen your brand, mitigate risk, avoid litigation, and prepare for acquisition – in short, how to make money and sleep well at night.” The updated guide addresses how to overcome legal and business risks associated with emerging technologies and nascent marketing practices. “In all seriousness, what we explain in the guide can literally help make and save businesses millions of dollars,” said Damon Wright.

The 2024 Edition’s topics include:

  • One Easy Way To Avoid Class Actions
  • Three Things (And More) That All Subscription Retailers Must Know
  • How To Add Value To Your Brand With Trademarks
  • How To Protect Your Ad Copy With Copyrights
  • How To Create Engaging and Compliant Advertising
  • The Basics All Dietary Supplement and Cosmetic Retailers Must Know
  • The Basics All Business Coaches and Financial Publishers Must Know
  • How To Make Green Going Green
  • A Primer on California’s Proposition 65
  • The Keys To Successful Influencer Marketing
  • The Keys To Successful Text And Telemarketing
  • The Keys To Successful E-Mail Marketing
  • How To Protect Your Tech and Confidential Info With Agreements
  • What You Need To Know About Privacy Policies
  • A Different Kind of Cookie Monster — Protecting Your Business from Wiretap Lawsuits
  • Avoiding Website Accessibility Suits
  • What You Need To Know About State Sales Tax
  • The Benefits Of Business Insurance
  • Captive Insurance For E-Commerce
  • How To Make And Save Money In Litigation
  • Artificial Intelligence & E-Commerce
  • If you want To Win, It Helps To Know The Rules

GRSM’s Advertising & E-Commerce Group understands the unique business and legal issues that face e-commerce retailers, other online advertisers, and their service providers. The path from start-up to brand empire can be disrupted by many forces, including the FTC, state attorneys general, consumer class action counsel, online marketplaces, social media platforms, news media, traffic providers, payment processors, competitors, and counterfeiters. The firm’s attorneys proactively help clients to strengthen their business and avoid and defend against disruption. 

Damon Wright is a Partner in the Washington, D.C. and Alexandria offices of GRSM, chairs the Advertising & E-Commerce and Artificial Intelligence practice groups, and serves as outside general counsel to hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs who sell products and services online, including e-commerce retailers, technology companies, lead generators, advertising agencies, and related service providers.

To download the 2024 E-Commerce Legal Guide, please click here.

Damon W.D. Wright