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Drug & Medical Device

Trial Experience - Record Results

GRSM takes pride in its trial lawyers who defend manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This group of attorneys includes partners who have had responsibility for managing and litigating thousands of cases at a time. This experience has not only honed the trial expertise of the group's lawyers, but has also sharpened our skills in advising clients on the ramifications of such litigation.

Our attorneys welcome the opportunity to work closely with corporate counsel and risk managers to devise and implement litigation and business plans that will ensure the best possible resolution under any given set of facts and circumstances.

We have a proven record of success in obtaining dismissals for our clients through summary judgment and other pretrial motions, and when the decision is made to try a case, we have the skills acquired from personal experience to succeed at trial.

To keep abreast of rapidly changing pharmaceutical and medical device liability law, our lawyers take advantage of continuing education offered by such national organizations as the Defense Research Institute (DRI), the Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI) and the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC). We also share our years of trial experience and knowledge of the law affecting the pharmaceutical and medical device industry by providing seminars to our clients and by teaching other lawyers at seminars offered around the country.

Pharmaceutical Product Liability Litigation

The DMD Group has been a leader in its defense of the pharmaceutical industry for many years, and continues to be the counsel of choice for some of the largest manufacturers in the United States. For example, during the past two years, the DMD Group has acted as National Litigation Counsel representing a manufacturer of prescription diet medication, overseeing and coordinating counsel, trial strategy and the general defense of both MDL and state coordinated litigation in all 50 states.

Medical Device Product Liability Litigation

The DMD Group also specializes in the defense of medical devices, and is proud of its commitment to, and long-standing relationships with, medical device clients. For example, the Group continues to represent some of the world's leaders in the manufacturing of vascular devices, currently acting as National Coordinating Counsel for one company on its closure, stent and catheter devices, and currently acting as California counsel for two other vascular manufacturers on pacemaker leads and aortic aneurysm stents.

Further, the DMD Group has a long history of work in the orthopedics field, and continues to lead the defense for a number of orthopedic manufacturers, including national and local counsel roles in matters involving hip and knee implants, shoulder pump litigation, and general business disputes.

Litigation Coordinating Counsel

GRSM has a well-proven track record of serving as National, Regional and California Litigation Coordinating Counsel and Lead Trial/Defense Counsel for complex, multi-jurisdiction drug and medical device product liability cases, both single and multi-party, throughout the United States. We have also been selected as lead mediation and settlement counsel in cases pending throughout the U.S.

Our roles as National, Regional and California Counsel for many of the Fortune 100 global corporations have included representation in some of the highest-profile drug and medical device product liability litigation that has occurred during the past decade, including:

National Counsel

  • Fen/phen
  • L-Tryptophan
  • Redux
  • Pondimin
  • Intergel
  • Perclose devices
  • Permax
  • Vascular devices

Regional Counsel

  • Breast implants
  • Polio vaccines
  • Orthopedic products
  • Ophthalmic lasers
  • Norplant
  • Reglan

California Counsel

  • Bextra/Celebrex
  • PPA-containing medications
  • Flu vaccines
  • Pain pumps, related
  • Premarin
  • Prempro
  • Orthopedic products
  • Septocaine
  • Thimerosal
  • Cordarone
  • Vascular devices
  • Needle sticks
  • TMJ implants
  • Pacemakers
  • Acetaminophen/alcohol
  • Latex gloves

Industry Leadership

The strength of our Drug & Medical Device practice builds on our depth of knowledge of the legal, regulatory and business considerations specific to the Drug & Medical Device community. Every day, the potential liabilities continue to expand, the scope of government regulation deepens, and traditional transactions become more complex. As a result, it is imperative for legal counsel to have a well-rounded understanding and direct involvement in the issues that shape the DMD profession.

At GRSM, our DMD lawyers have leadership experience in various DMD related trade associations, legal advisory committees, and international defense organizations, including currently serving as the Chair of the Drug and Medical Device Committee of the Defense Research Institute and a member of the Steering Committee of the Drug and Medical Device Committee.


Drug & Medical Device Fast Facts

  • 49 Attorneys
  • Team includes the former Chair of the DRI Drug and Medical Device Committee and a member of the Drug & Medical Device Steering Committee.
  • Well-proven track record of serving as National, Regional and California Litigation Coordinating Counsel and Lead Trial/Defense Counsel for complex, multi-jurisdiction drug and medical device product liability cases, both single and multi-party, throughout the United States.