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Environmental/Toxic Tort

Gordon & Rees is a leader in the defense of environmental, chemical exposure, asbestos and other "toxic tort" claims. We have experienced lawyers practicing in these areas nationwide. Gordon & Rees has been at the forefront of key pro-defense legal developments limiting liability or avoiding liability altogether. We help clients avoid costly litigation through our experience in counseling compliance with virtually all major environmental statutes, and by providing transactional advice where potential environmental liabilities are involved. When litigation becomes unavoidable, Gordon & Rees has a proven record of success in pre-trial motions, at trial and on appeal, as well as in reaching favorable negotiated resolutions.

Gordon & Rees has the know-how to help with your claims and issues involving anything that was, or was allegedly,

  • discharged, leaked, spilled or mishandled;
  • inhaled, ingested or otherwise absorbed;
  • a contamination of the air, ground or water;
  • a pathogen to which someone was exposed; or
  • any other chemical or environmental cause of damage or disease.

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For more information about how Gordon & Rees can help with your environmental, chemical exposure, asbestos-related, or other "toxic tort" claims, please contact group co-leaders, Michael Pietrykowski or P. Gerhardt Zacher.

Environmental/Toxic Tort Fast Facts

  • 188 Attorneys
  • National and Regional Litigation Coordinating Counsel for numerous corporations for matters involving asbestos, silica and/or PCE

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