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February 2010

A Review of the U.S. Supreme Court's Rulings in Employment Law

In 2009, the Supreme Court handed down significant decisions in employment law that immediately affect how employers will be conducting business. The following seven decisions are especially noteworthy:

  • Reverse Discrimination Claims by Employees Become Viable
    (Ricci v. DeStefano, 129 S.Ct. 2658)

  • Higher Burden for an Employee Claiming Age Discrimination
    (Gross v. FBL Financial Services, 129 S.Ct., 2343)

  • Answering Questions During an Employer’s Internal Investigation is Protected Against Retaliation
    (Crawford v. Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee, 129 S.Ct. 846)

  • Seniority System Insulates Retirement Calculations
    (AT & T Corp. v. Hulteen, 129 S.Ct. 1962)

  • The Enforceability of Arbitration Provisions Contained in Collective Bargaining Agreements Over Age Discrimination Claims
    (Penn Plaza LLC v. Pyett, 129 S.Ct. 1456)

  • State Ban on Political Payroll Deductions Held Constitutional
    (Ysura v. Pocatello Education Association, 129 S.Ct. 1093)

  • Local Union Can Charge Non-Members for National Litigation Expenses
    (Locke v. Karass, 129 S.Ct. 798)

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Employment Law
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