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May 2020

City of Birmingham Face Covering Ordinance

In addition to the statewide Safer at Home order and amendments, the City of Birmingham, Alabama, has its own ordinances, particularly requiring facemasks (at least a simple cloth face covering) in any public place (defined as other than a home or personal vehicle).

On May 5, 2020, Birmingham amended that requirement to exclude persons working alone in separate offices or in non-public workspaces where more than adequate space is available (at least six feet apart). Individuals are to be prepared to wear a facemask if in groups of ten or more or where the six feet of distance is not being maintained. The facemask ordinance also excludes exercise and children two years of age and less. Moreover, it places the duty to ensure “employees, customers, clients and/or visitors” follow the ordinance directly onto business owners, managers, and supervisors.

The current ordinance is due to expire May 15, when the City Council will reevaluate the circumstances.

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