Affinity Groups

Recognizing that certain groups are traditionally under-represented in the legal profession, and that Gordon & Rees seeks to recruit, include, mentor, promote, and retain members of those groups, the firm's Diversity Committee has established five affinity groups to further the goals of diversity and inclusion.

Each affinity group has its own established goals and initiatives. The groups meet regularly to network, socialize and provide mentoring opportunities to its members.

Membership is open to all attorneys who share the affinity or who are interested in participating in the group.

African American

The African American Affinity Group is dedicated to fostering the success of African American attorneys across the firm. The group provides a platform for African American attorneys to cultivate both professionally and personally. The group encourages its members to participate in and support local bar organizations that align with the group’s mission. The group also aims to actively engage in opportunities to recruit African American attorneys to increase representation in the firm.


The LGBTQ Affinity Group was established with the primary purpose of increasing visibility and activity to demonstrate the firm’s support of the LGBTQ community. The group’s mission it to promote an understanding of the unique issues facing the LGBTQ community and provide support and mentoring opportunities to its members.


The Hispanic/Latino Affinity Group serves as a resource to further the networking, mentoring and career development of Hispanic/Latino attorneys. The group is a resource for Hispanic/Latino attorneys to engage with the Hispanic/Latino community. Its members are active participants in Hispanic Heritage Month events, and local and national bar organizations. 

Gordon & Rees has been ranked No. 14 on the "Top 25 Law Firms for Hispanic-Americans” by MultiCultural Law Magazine.

Asian American

The Asian American Affinity Group focuses on meaningful and sustainable mentoring, networking, and sponsorship of its members. The Group’s mission is to encourage the retention and advancement of Asian American attorneys in the firm. The group fosters informal mentoring relationships to support personal and professional development.

The group also aligns with external organizations with similar goals, both regional and nationally.

South Asian

The South Asian Affinity Group fosters relationships nationwide among the firm’s growing group of South Asian lawyers. The group encourages mentoring, networking, and cross-marketing while providing an open forum to discuss and promote expansion and advancement of our firm’s South Asian presence as well as the personal and professional advancement of each of our group’s members.  The group collaborates with local, regional, and national organizations with a similar mission.