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April 2010

Asbestos & Mesothelioma Conference: World Class Scientists Provide Insight on the Science Side of Litigation

May 3 - 4, 2010 Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, NV

An Invitation to A Unique Conference: The conference is unique in two important ways. First, instead of focusing only on legal presentations, the conference brings together many of the world's most prominent asbestos researchers, physicians, and scientists to discuss asbestos and mesothelioma.  Second, through a series of small roundtable panel discussions, the event is specifically designed to facilitate interaction among the speakers and the audience. To further enhance networking opportunities, the speakers will be seated with the audience during the luncheon.

Strategically Selected Co-Chairs: To assure the highest level of expertise of the presenters and the most advanced perspectives, the conference is co-chaired by defense counsel Robert Rich, a partner at Gordon & Rees LLP (San Francisco), plaintiff's counsel Shep Hoffman of The Law Offices of  Shephard A. Hoffman (Dallas), Samuel Hammar, MD, Director of Diagnostic at Specialty Laboratories (Bremerton, WA), and Victor L. Roggli, MD, Professor of Pathology at Duke University Medical Center (Durham, NC).  Dr. Roggli says about the conference: "Not since Selikoff's Third Wave Conference has such a distinguished group of scientists participated in an asbestos conference. I am very proud to be a co-chair of this amazing meeting." 

"Best Overall" Presenters:  According to GlobalTort, "this is by far the best overall assembled group of doctors and scientists focused on asbestos.  Part of the power of this group is that it includes speakers with diverging views. And, for anyone interested in the global spread of asbestos disease, and thus some spread of the litigation, do not miss the chance to hear from Dr. Julian Peto, who is at the forefront of those looking all the way around the world." The presenters include Drs. Hammar, Roggli, McDonald, Henderson, Peto, Hillerdal, Churg, A. Gibbs, G. Gibbs, Pooley, Finkelstein, Egilman, Longo, Brody, Kipen, Berman, Bernstein, Abraham, and Mark.  

Registration: Please click here for registration information and a copy of the agenda.  The conference is being sponsored by Perrin Conferences.



Robert A. Rich