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December 2021

Gordon & Rees Adds Immigration Capabilities

Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani is excited to announce its new Immigration & Naturalization Practice Group.  Through our Sacramento office, the firm is able to handle a full suite of immigration and naturalization work.  This new practice group complements the firm’s nearly 400 employment attorneys and will assist the firm's clients with federal immigration laws and regulations.  The practice group will handle matters from strategic counseling and compliance issues, to applying for and obtaining non-immigrant and immigrant visas.  The group will also provide effective, result-oriented litigation services in appeals and deportation hearings at the administrative and federal court levels. 

Sacramento Senior Partner Mark S. Posard will lead the Immigration & Naturalization practice group and will be assisted by immigration attorneys such as Douglas Smurr who has been providing counsel to businesses with work-related immigration matters since 1995. 

A representative sampling of core competencies include:


Employment Based

  • EB-1 Priority Workers
  • EB-2 Professionals with advanced degrees or individuals of exceptional ability
  • EB-3 Skilled Workers, professionals, and other workers
  • EB-4 Special Immigrants
  • EB-5 Immigrant Investors
  • Labor Certifications
  • Re-filing new Labor Certification for existing clients
  • Labor Certification I-140 Adjustment
  • Labor Certification I-140 Consular Process
  • I-140 Petition for Worker Only
  • I-140 Notice of Intent to Revoke
  • Adjustments of status
  • Combined Process (I-140 with Adjustments)
  • AC-21 Change of Employer

Spouse Related Visas

  • K-1 Fiancé(e)
  • K-1 with Adjustment of Status to work or travel
  • K-2 Children accompanying K-1 visa holder
  • K-3 Foreign-citizen spouse of U.S. citizen
  • K-3 with Adjustment of Status to work or travel

Family Based Cases

  • I-130 Petition for eligible relative only
  • I-130/ Consular Process
  • I-130 Consular process only
  • I-130 Adjustment
  • I-751 Joint Petitions to remove conditions on residence
  • I-751 Petitions based on waiver due to abusive U.S. spouse
  • I-601 Waivers for undocumented immediate family members of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • I-601A Waivers for undocumented immediate family members of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident departing the United States to attend U.S. Embassy or Consulate interview


  • Naturalization (no interview)
  • Naturalization (including interview)
  • N-600 Applications for Certificate of Citizenship, including interviews
  • U.S. Passport

Miscellaneous Services

  • Interview Attendance and Preparation
  • USCIS Freedom of Information Act Requests
  • Employment Authorization Document Extension.
  • Advanced Parole
  • Re-Entry Permit
  • I-90 Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card
  • I-102 Application for Replacement of Initial Nonimmigrant Arrival-Departure Document
  • Humanitarian Reinstatement of I-130 Petition
  • Affirmative Asylum (including interview)
  • NACARA 203 Relief
  • I-821 Application for Temporary Protected Status


  • Non-criminal cases
  • Criminal cases
  • Administrative Appeals
  • Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Administrative Appeals Office

Federal Court

  • Mandamus
  • Declaratory Relief
  • Federal Court of Appeals Petition for Review
  • Federal Court of Appeals Petition for Rehearing


Diplomats and Foreign Governmental Officials

  • A-1 and Extensions for Diplomats or Foreign Governmental Officials
  • A-2 and Extensions for full-time employees of embassies or consulates including immediate family members
  • A-3 for personal employees, domestic workers or servants of A-1 or A-2 visa holders

Temporary Visitors

  • B-1 and Extensions for business visitors; domestic employees or nannies accompanying a foreign national employer
  • B-2 and Extensions for tourists or individuals obtaining medical treatment in the U.S.


  • F-1 Student Visas

Temporary Workers

  • E-1 Treaty Traders
  • E-2 Treaty Investors
  • H-1B and Extensions for individuals in specialty occupations
  • H-2A for temporary agricultural workers
  • L-1A and Extensions for intracompany transferees at the executive or manager level
  • L-1B and Extensions for intracompany transferees with specialized knowledge
  • O-1 and Extensions for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievements
  • R-1 and Extensions for religious workers

More information can be found here

Mark S. Posard