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Immigration & Naturalization

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Immigration & Naturalization

Our immigration and naturalization attorneys handle matters from strategic counseling and compliance issues, to applying for and obtaining non-immigrant and immigrant visas.  The firm also provides effective, result-oriented litigation services in appeals and deportation hearings at the administrative and federal court levels.


Employment Based

  • EB-1 Priority Workers
  • EB-2 Professionals with advanced degrees or individuals of exceptional ability
  • EB-3 Skilled Workers, professionals, and other workers
  • EB-4 Special Immigrants
  • EB-5 Immigrant Investors
  • Labor Certifications
  • Re-filing new Labor Certification for existing clients
  • Labor Certification I-140 Adjustment
  • Labor Certification I-140 Consular Process
  • I-140 Petition for Worker Only
  • I-140 Notice of Intent to Revoke
  • Adjustments of status
  • Combined Process (I-140 with Adjustments)
  • AC-21 Change of Employer

Spouse Related Visas

  • K-1 Fiancé(e)
  • K-1 with Adjustment of Status to work or travel
  • K-2 Children accompanying K-1 visa holder
  • K-3 Foreign-citizen spouse of U.S. citizen
  • K-3 with Adjustment of Status to work or travel

Family Based Cases

  • I-130 Petition for eligible relative only
  • I-130/ Consular Process
  • I-130 Consular process only
  • I-130 Adjustment
  • I-751 Joint Petitions to remove conditions on residence
  • I-751 Petitions based on waiver due to abusive U.S. spouse
  • I-601 Waivers for undocumented immediate family members of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • I-601A Waivers for undocumented immediate family members of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident departing the United States to attend U.S. Embassy or Consulate interview


  • Naturalization (no interview)
  • Naturalization (including interview)
  • N-600 Applications for Certificate of Citizenship, including interviews
  • U.S. Passport

Miscellaneous Services

  • Interview Attendance and Preparation
  • USCIS Freedom of Information Act Requests
  • Employment Authorization Document Extension.
  • Advanced Parole
  • Re-Entry Permit
  • I-90 Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card
  • I-102 Application for Replacement of Initial Nonimmigrant Arrival-Departure Document
  • Humanitarian Reinstatement of I-130 Petition
  • Affirmative Asylum (including interview)
  • NACARA 203 Relief
  • I-821 Application for Temporary Protected Status


  • Non-criminal cases
  • Criminal cases
  • Administrative Appeals
  • Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Administrative Appeals Office

Federal Court

  • Mandamus
  • Declaratory Relief
  • Federal Court of Appeals Petition for Review
  • Federal Court of Appeals Petition for Rehearing


Diplomats and Foreign Governmental Officials

  • A-1 and Extensions for Diplomats or Foreign Governmental Officials
  • A-2 and Extensions for full-time employees of embassies or consulates including immediate family members
  • A-3 for personal employees, domestic workers or servants of A-1 or A-2 visa holders

Temporary Visitors

  • B-1 and Extensions for business visitors; domestic employees or nannies accompanying a foreign national employer
  • B-2 and Extensions for tourists or individuals obtaining medical treatment in the U.S.


  • F-1 Student Visas

Temporary Workers

  • E-1 Treaty Traders
  • E-2 Treaty Investors
  • H-1B and Extensions for individuals in specialty occupations
  • H-2A for temporary agricultural workers
  • L-1A and Extensions for intracompany transferees at the executive or manager level
  • L-1B and Extensions for intracompany transferees with specialized knowledge
  • O-1 and Extensions for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievements
  • R-1 and Extensions for religious workers

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