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December 2023

Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani Launches Jewish Affinity Group

Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, the nation's first and only full-service law firm with offices in all 50 states, is proud to announce the establishment of the Jewish Affinity Group. The Jewish Affinity Group is a dedicated platform for GRSM's Jewish attorneys and other allies to connect and engage with the shared goal of fostering open communication about the unique challenges that Jewish individuals face in both their professional and personal lives. The group is committed to being a visible presence throughout the firm and an easily accessible resource for those who identify as Jewish or share an interest in Jewish culture. 

Dina Glucksman, who serves as Chair of the Jewish Affinity Group, emphasizes its role in creating a safe and supportive space, saying, "Amidst today's challenges, I wanted to ensure my Jewish colleagues had a community within GRSM. In creating the affinity group, our goal is to build bridges of understanding within our firm. By sharing our experiences, we hope to cultivate an environment where everyone feels heard, respected, and connected.”

The Jewish Affinity Group's objectives include networking, sharing stories within their group and the broader GRSM community, and establishing connections within the firm. They aspire to create a platform where their shared cultural experiences can be openly discussed, acknowledged, respected, and integrated with other groups both within the firm and in society at large.

“We thank and appreciate Dina for approaching the firm with the opportunity to create an additional affinity group to support our lawyers," shared Franz Hardy, Co-Chair of the firm's National Diversity Committee. "We look forward to having the Jewish Affinity Group serve as an important resource for this community and its allies."

GRSM's Diversity Committee has focused on maintaining and improving diversity and inclusivity for more than 30 years. GRSM's Affinity Groups are an integral part of the Diversity Committee's mission. The firm has seven active affinity groups: African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, Jewish, LGBTQ+, South Asian, and Women's Initiative. Each affinity group has defined goals and initiatives, convening regularly for networking, socializing, and mentorship opportunities. Membership is inclusive, welcoming all attorneys who share the affinity or who are supporting allies.

To learn more about GRSM's Affinity Groups, please click here

Dina S. Glucksman