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Energy Infrastructure

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Energy Infrastructure

The GRSM Energy Infrastructure Group comprises of one of the most experienced project teams in the country. As lead counsel for many of the world’s largest mid-stream energy companies, the GRSM Team has assisted in the successful development of billions of dollars in critical energy infrastructure – including thousands of miles of interstate and intrastate pipelines around the country.

As your 50 State Law Firm™, the GRSM team is uniquely positioned to provide unprecedented cohesive support to energy companies with assets from coast to coast.

From initial project consultation and scoping through land acquisition and litigation, the Group’s experience is unparalleled – including litigation of several precedent setting eminent domain and preemption cases in jurisdictions around the country.

Nationally recognized in providing regulatory, environmental, legislative, and litigation services in connection with infrastructure projects, GRSM will assist you in all phases of your project. This includes:

  • Siting
  • Certification
  • Permitting – at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Survey Access
  • Land Acquisition – including the use of eminent domain
  • Operation and Maintenance related damage claims

NetZero Initiative

The GRSM Energy Infrastructure Group’s NetZero Initiative Team combines decades of experience in the traditional energy infrastructure sphere, with in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technological advancements in carbon transportation and sequestrations, hydrogen production, and solar, wind, and tidal energy generation. The NetZero Initiative Team is poised to provide the same unparalleled support to these new and evolving technologies, that its attorneys have provided to traditional energy infrastructure projects for decades.


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