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October 2015

Merton Marks’ Article on Bad Faith Published in Industry Magazine

Merton Marks’ article “Insurance and Reinsurance Bad Faith Issues in Workers’ Compensation”  was recently published in the Summer 2015 edition of Views, a publication of The American Society of Workers Comp Professionals (AmCOMP), an association of lawyers, insurance executives and medical specialists in industrial medicine.  Marks article follows a talk he gave earlier this year at AmCOMP’s  annual meeting.  The article summarizes insurance and reinsurance bad faith principles as they apply to workers’ compensation and occupational disease insurance litigation, but the general principles apply to all lines of insurance bad faith litigation.   

Marks represents the medical products, insurance and hospitality industries in litigation and arbitrations. He has broad experience in pharmaceutical drug and medical device litigation involving anti-miscarriage drugs, anti-depressants, surgical and dental implants, and dietary supplements. His insurance and reinsurance litigation and arbitration experience includes coverage disputes, bad faith claims, agent, broker and claim administrator liability, premium fraud and audit disputes.

To read the AmCOMP Views article please click here.


Merton E. Marks