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November 2016

Colorado Approves Proposition 106 "End of Life Options" Measure

On November 9, 2016, Colorado voters approved Proposition 106, the “End of Life Options” measure.  Modeled after Oregon’s “Dignity in Death” law, it allows a Colorado resident who is terminally ill to seek a prescription for a lethal dose of medication if two doctors certify that the resident is mentally competent and has less than six months to live.  The detailed act consists of 23 separate statutes, and it addresses a number of issues that may raise important questions for health care providers.  For example, under Section 118 of the law, health care facilities (specifically including long term care facilities) are expressly permitted to bar employed or contracted physicians from writing a prescription for the terminal medication; obviously, health care facilities will need to decide whether – and how – their physicians will be allowed to participate in the right-to-die process. 

To read Proposition 106, the “End of Life Options” measure, please click here.

Look for updates from GRSM on key factors that health care providers must consider in upcoming weeks.  The law is expected to become effective in December 2016.


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