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Entertainment & Recreation Law 

The Entertainment & Recreation Law Practice Group at GRSM provides the full spectrum of legal services required by the wide range of participants in these high-profile, global, multi-billion dollar industries, and for their insurers. Our team confronts complex legal challenges faced in the interrelated industries of entertainment, fashion, media, and sports, along with the extraordinary number of casualty, employment, media, and professional liability claims and suits handled by the specialty lines for every major insurance provider.  We are often called upon by our clients to deploy our depth of resources to successfully address the constant barrage of industry specific challenges encountered in these highly specialized practice areas.

GRSM offers a focused, dynamic team of experienced lawyers who have devoted their practices to the entertainment, fashion, media, and sports industries. We offer legal services with an approach that is distinct from most boutique law firms and solo practitioners because our teams are reinforced by the resources of a multi-office, full-service network of attorneys with synergy to create a formidable advocate and provide the variety of legal services needed for our clients.  As a result of our firm’s infrastructure and national footprint, we are uniquely situated to offer premium legal services at competitive rates in all traditional entertainment, fashion, media, and sports industry hubs across the nation, from Hollywood to New York, Austin to Nashville, and Chicago to Miami.

Our practice teams have extensive experience representing award-winning producers, directors, actors, managers, studios, and writers in the motion picture and television industry; recording artists, producers, managers, and songwriters in the music industry; models, agencies, designers, manufacturers, and producers in the fashion industry; authors, publishers, photographers, agencies, and illustrators in the print and online media industry; athletes, coaches, managers, and teams for a myriad of professional and amateur sports; in addition to entertainment venues, including music and film festivals, theaters, stadiums, nightclubs, live music venues, and rodeo arenas.

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Entertainment & Recreation Fast Facts

  • 33 Attorneys
  • Clients include Grammy® and Emmy® award winning entertainers and producers

    National footprint with attorneys focusing on entertainment, fashion, media, and sports matters in jurisdictions including the major hubs in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and others

    In-depth experience across the interrelated spectrum of entertainment, fashion, media, and sports

    Intellectual Property, Commercial Litigation, and Personal Injury Defense specifically tailored to the industry