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GRSM has extensive experience providing legal services to gig economy clients. Our Gig Economy Liability attorneys provide gig economy companies with counsel focused in this rapidly-growing sector. The gig economy is a free market in which companies contract with individuals who work as independent contractors. Gig workers are online platform workers typically working “on-call” and providing on-demand services to consumers. The most common gig jobs include rideshare driving and delivery services. Typically, these companies consider themselves technology companies that link gig workers with consumers via a smart phone application. The gig economy has significantly transformed the marketplace and the way companies, workers, and consumers interact.

In the past few years, our attorneys have expanded their knowledge and experience and represented some of the largest and well-known gig economy companies. Practicing nationally in the gig economy sector, we understand the complex issues facing gig economy companies involved in catastrophic personal injury and property damage litigation as well as pre-suit evaluation and investigation. Further, our attorneys are skilled in trying complex injury motor vehicle accidents, and are skilled in handling cases involving pedestrians, car versus motorcycle, car versus bicycle, and all manner of accidents involving gig economy workers.

In defending these matters and representing clients, we call on our knowledge of state and federal law and regulations including the law on background checks, classification of workers, and negligence. Our attorneys strive to locate and work with expert witnesses to address the complex issues involved in these cases, including identification of appropriate accident investigation and accident reconstruction experts. Our attorneys work closely with clients to develop a sound defense strategy to successfully resolve matters in a timely and cost effective manner.


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